Dear Mukran Khutsishvili (Mukha  Koko),
We  particularly  liked  your   ideas  and  photographs,  and  seeing  all  your  hard  work.
Congratulations  on  doing  such  a  fantastic  job !
Naomi  Jones
Features  Editor
Traditional  homes,  interiors,   Gardens,   Antiques &  renovation


Let  me  say  that  in  52  years  as  a  professional  lighting  designer  I  have  never  seen  any  thing  quite  like  the collection from  Mukha  Koko.  Beautiful ,  amazing…..unique  in  many  ways.

Barrie  Wilde

MB  Wilde  C. Eng; MCABSE; FSLL



lamp design review & feedback / Mukhran  muha  khutsishvili  (Mukha  Koko) / Sept 2011 



> a visually arresting, cohesive design collection with a clear ‘variations on a theme’ aesthetic 

> evocative naming of each piece with emotive and whimsical descriptions 

> the lamps work very well in the context of the room sets - this clearly illustrated that they have viable applications within an interior 

> attention to detail in design and construction is evident, especially in close up photos 




> a unique and relevant primary idea that illustrates your appreciation of a specific market - Alexander McQueen is a quintessentially British design house and the recent and varied 

press and public attention could be a good springboard from which to launch your collection. 


> it’s obvious a lot of time and effort has gone into the construction of the lamps. they appear to be well made with high quality materials 

> each piece has enough variation to give it it’s own identity while still clearly belonging to a collection 


the lamps work very well in the context of the room sets - this clearly illustrated that they have viable applications within an interior




> a unique and relevant primary idea that illustrates your appreciation of a specific ‘glamour’ market 

> taking inspiration from such a vibrant city as London and dedicating this passion to a quintessentially British designer such as Alexander McQueen is no mean feat, but you have 

managed to uniquely embody the energy and verve of the city in your final designs. 

> a large range of color ways and decorative details to both tell a story and appeal to a specific audience 

> emotive and evocative design descriptions gives each lamp an attractive narrative


Samantha Miller

Studio Tutor

KLC  School  of   Design,

Chelsea  Harbour,  London  


Dear Sir or Madam

I would like to share with you my impressions of interior designer Mukha  Koko’s work.  I can assure you that he is truly very talented, and can say this with conviction as Mukhran did the interior design for my flat. 

After looking through the collection of floor lamps that Mukha  Koko had created I was so impressed I immediately decided to ask him to design the flat for me. I chose the lamp with red and black roses and asked Mukha  Koko to base the design round that. I did not doubt for a moment that the man who had created this collection of lamps would be able to come up with a good room design for me, but when Mukha had finished the work the results exceeded all expectations. 

Everyone who has seen Mukha  Koko’s design has been bowled over. Every single person who comes to my flat, regardless of how much they know about art, has reacted the same way. People cannot find the words to express what they feel about the design of the room. Only after sitting in the room for a while they all say they think my flat is a dream home, and this really is so. When my friends want to go somewhere together to rest & relax, they all agree that they simply cannot find a better place. They often joke that no bar or club has better design or better atmosphere than my flat.

Mukha  Koko has the talent to create unique designs and is himself unique. He is different from other designers in that he does not just scatter accessories around to fill up the room. He can create meaningful compositions out of accessories, for example in my room Mukha Koko created a decoration he calls Dancer’s Dressing Room out of accessories. Every detail in the room reflects the designer’s love of art, also very importantly his refined and sophisticated taste. 

My friends and I are deeply convinced that in Mukha  Koko our world has found a new and very bright star of Art Glamour design.

Yours faithfully
George  cooper



Dear Sirs/ Madams


My name is Nina. . I am artist and sculptor and  lecturer with 25 years experience. Let me share with you some of my impressions after viewing Lamp collection by the Designer Mukha Koko


To be honest with you, I experienced complete bewilderment after my first encounter with this collection as I was not sure how to react to it…  I have never in my life seen anything like this before and was stuck for words to define the unique beauty of lamps designed by Mukha Koko! A little bit later an important feature of this collection has been revealed to me: - the more I gazed at the lamps the more I was falling under their spell!  After each individual viewing I was discovering new details stirring my admiration as I was filled with a sense of awe for the Designer’s scrupulous work and artistic efforts applied to his fabulous creation.  


Particularly remarkable is the way the Designer applies and combines colours.  Both the colour-scheme and its combinations are masterfully composed and unique to this Designer’s skill of impressing the spectators by the glory of colour! 


One feels that this collection must be divinely inspired… It’s impossible to imagine that the charm of these lamps by Mukha Koko  may fail to mesmerize anyone!  Surely everybody would wish to own one of these beauties to light up their home!


Each of the composite details that adorn the lamps - be it delicate lace, flowers or items of jewellery – are all individually magnificent on their own merit and their tasteful arrangement by the Designer evokes sheer delight!


In my opinion, this creation by Mukha Koko doesn’t just represent the ‘Art Glamour’ – it’s a breath of fresh air in British ART Design scene and the artist himself, Mukha Koko is endowed with a great talent!  He dresses up his lamps in a way that Fashion Designers dress up people with their created pieces of fashion clothing – definitely a novel and original concept in art. 


I am convinced that we are witnessing a new ART design star being born whose name is Mukha Koko

With Respect,







A  stunning  collection  of  lamps  unique &  amazing .

Every  Lamps  by  Mukha  Koko  is  piece  of  Art .

Worth  lighten  any  Home !

Roger  Sanson

Alish  jewellery ,  London

Managing Director