The web-site ‘Baron George’ displays and advertises hand-made pieces of art by various designers.  This time all connoisseurs of art have a fair chance to view and purchase the hand-crafted art by the Designer Mukha-Koko. We take this opportunity to introduce to you a new collection of his floor lamps. 


The Designer known as “Mukha-Koko” is a Georgian and his real name is Mukhran Khutsishvili.


The Designer has settled in London since 2002 and has been working over here since that time. He creates his pieces in “Glamour” style. As Mukha-Koko points out the inspiration for his collection of lamps was London that’s why he named his collection “The London Nights” and dedicated this collection to the world renowned ultimate Designer, Alexander McQueen (17 March 1969 – 11 February 2010).


Each lamp of Mukha-Koko collection is designed and constructed with bare hands of the Designer as a single and authentic piece. The Designer uses high quality materials for his lamps, such as artificial flowers, lace and costume jewellery. Each of the assembled decorative parts has its own

unique beauty and appeal and their skilful combination by the Master testifies to his immaculate refined taste and stirs up spectators’ admiration.


The way the Designer applies and combines colour-pallet demonstrates his exquisite talent of a Colour-Magician so that the floor lamps turn into real peaces of Art! Surely, every viewer of his lamps wishes to own one of these beauties at home for their pleasure.


Designer  Mukha Koko  is  extremely  talanted  designer,  who  can  be  identified  as  the  Discovery  of  the  Century;  the  work  he  does  is  a  new  word  in  lightning  design.  His  work  fresh  air  for  those  who  appreciate  glamour  style  in  Britan  and  the  whole  world.  Lamps  created  by  him  do  not  just  serve  as  sources  of  light;  designer  Mukha Koko  creates  the  same  way  as  an  artist  creates  on  the  canvas.  Each  lamp  designed  by  Mukha Koko  is  uniqe,  has  its  story  and  introduced  the  mood  into  the  interior--the  mood  that  is  inherited  from  the  designer  during  creation.  This  is  brand  new  vision;  the  designer  brings  lamps  into  life,  same  as  clothes  designer  dose  with  mannequins.

 Each  lamp  created  by  Mukha Koko  is  piece  of  art.


Mukha-Koko has developed his own very unique approach to interior decoration, i.e. he initially designs a floor lamp for a room and then creates a tailor-made interior design that matches this particular lamp!  You can see an illustration of this phenomenon by his lamp with black and red roses. 


A client has an option of either purchasing a lamp of his fancy on its own or, additionally, we offer a unique service of decorating a room to match the lamp for an extra cost.  The colours of the room will match the colours of a purchased lamp and the Client picks up his colours. The decoration of the room is performed in the style of ART-GLAMOUR. 


We have already had multiple experiences of such ‘match-making’ between lamp-design and interior decoration.